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Video poker is an online casino sport adapted from five-card draw poker, also known as Caribbean stud poker. It is basically played on a virtual console comparable to a mini slot machine, typically small but with good sound. Most video poker machines are played via the Internet, through software that allows players to connect directly to a video poker server (a computer/web based application).

what is video poker

The object of the game is to be the first player to complete the sequence of five (5) cards, followed by the fifth card. In order to do this, the player must avoid the following hands: pocket cards, clubs, royal flush, four of a kind (quads, quads, sevens, or eights), and any multi-suit card including a joker, the high card, the King's card, and any other card that has the power to remove a card from the player's hand.

Variations of Video Poker

types of video poker

There are two basic types of Video Poker, wild card and joker version. Both styles offer different game types.

Wild Card version

Wild Card allows the player to replace a single card from their hand with a joker, allowing them to win a "wild card" slot. Unlike regular versions of Video Poker, where the winning hand must be a straight or flush, a wild card hand may contain any number of high cards that can equal a low card. Because Wild Cards are fairly loose, wild card slots are a popular choice among many Video Poker players.

joker wild card

In a joker wild card game, the player is dealt a new hand and is allowed to make a bluff. After making their bluff, the joker appears on the cards (instead of having the usual five cards on the table) and the player is dealt a new hand. If the joker wild card wins, then the player loses. However, if the joker wild card does not win, then both players win.

Advantages of Playing Video Poker

how to play video poker

In an age of computer games, online casinos and poker software, there are a lot of people asking the advantages of video poker. The Internet has opened a whole new world of competition for video slot players.

Ease of adapting to a video poker machine

Many players feel that the biggest disadvantage of a video poker machine is that it takes them longer to get into the game. However, since there is no other players in the house, and the computer keeps a constant and steady pace, you end up winning more in the long run, because you will be able to adapt faster. This is particularly true when you play multiple video poker machines at once.

maximum amount of money that can be won on each hand

On slots, there is always some sort of ceiling, depending on the slot machine you are playing with. On video poker sites, there is none. Therefore, you can win money in a matter of minutes. This allows players who play just for fun to make as much money as they want, without worrying about whether they are going to come back or not. While this might appeal to some people, it might not bother others.

Lower house advantage than slots

In a slot machine, the house advantage is the difference between how much you will bet on one slot machine and how much you will bet on another. However, in a video poker room, the difference between your bankroll and the amount at stake is almost zero. This means that video poker offers a better return. Therefore, you can actually make money from a video poker table more easily than you can from slot machines.

How to Play Video Poker

A video poker player will be dealt a hand containing five cards (often face up). Typically three types of bets are allowed on video poker machines: buy in, raise and fold. In a five card draw game, a buy in is the first bet a player makes. 

The buy in amount can change throughout the game; the buy in the Texas Holdem games may range between one dollar and nine dollars. Raise amounts are raised before each hand, usually in increments of five dollars.

As for folding, this is where a player " folds" by passing his or her turn without performing any action. Some of the best video poker games have no-limit games. When a player has reached all of their credits, that player has "featured" him or herself in the drawing of the top hand, and the pot will increase accordingly. The pots in no limit games are generally much smaller than the ones in regular slot machines.

At the end of a hand in a video poker game, there are two things to keep in mind. First, any player with a high hand (the highest hand possible) will usually walk away with the prize. Second, the last two pairs of cards (two of a kind, etc.) in the hand are usually the last two pairs that are revealed to the other players in what is called the flop.

The basic strategy involved in playing video poker is simple. The object of the game is to be the first player to get all of the cards dealt out (not counting any cards that are in the pockets of either players). There are some minor details that you should be aware of. 

One of these is that the action for the hand is taken sequentially through the betting of the guests (the house is the player that pays for the bets, not the players in the game). Another minor but important detail is that when a player is paying for a bet, he or she does so in addition to the money that has already been put into the pot.


You should also remember that you should be careful about your bankroll management. It can be tempting to play video poker machines for longer periods of time, especially if you are winning, but you should be sure that you can afford to do so without getting yourself in trouble. 

Playing on smaller tables will also increase your chances of hitting the jackpot, but it can be hard to come up with enough money to hold out for the long run. Always be sure that you have the money to pay for a long run bet, and then you should be ready to enjoy the fun of video poker machines!

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