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Are you looking for the best online sports betting in Malaysia? When it comes to sport betting Malaysia, the country has a passion for sports. 

You will learn about the types of sports you can bet with foreign sportsbooks and more.

In this guide, we will explain everything you need to know about Malaysia’s sport betting. Our guide will also explain everything about online betting and how to win sport betting. 

If you want to know more about famous sport betting games and tips for sport betting, stay tuned.

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Famous Sport Betting Games in 2021

Football Betting

Football betting can bring out fun and excitement. Knowing how to bet can also be a great experience. It can be a fruitful pastime to take part in football sport betting online

Also, it is very easy and simple to bet on football for real money.

There are several matches available to bet on each week. Bookmakers offer a wide variety of odds to give you the best returns. 

Once the results are out, they will pay you your original stake plus the winnings from the odds if you win the bet.

Basketball Betting

After football, basketball is one of the easiest online betting games. If you are familiar with football betting, then you already know how to bet on basketball. 

The point spread is the most used betting method in this game. They call the potential winner ‘favorite’. And the expected loser as the underdog.

There are hundreds of NBA matches, leaving no shortage to bet on. With all ups and downs, NBA is a great league to bet on during the schedule.

Baseball Betting

In football and basketball sport betting, they base the bets on the point spread method. But they use Moneyline betting type in baseball sport betting.

E-sport Betting

E-sport betting is a new type of betting. It started a little late but has gained a lot of attraction now. E-sport is a competitive video game played between individuals or teams. 

Here the players are competing against other players and not the computer.

Various Betting Types

Do you want to learn about the different types of sport betting? Great, we are here to help you. We will tell you about the various types of bets.


A Moneyline bet is the simplest of all in sports betting. It means to bet on a winning team. There are two teams: Team X and Team Y. 

You must decide which team will win and bet on that team. It’s that simple.

Sometimes a sportbook can also offer ‘draw’ as a sport betting option. Another sportsbook may offer ‘draw no bet.’ But if you win a bet, a sportsbook will pay the odds to you.

Point Spread or Handicap

Point Spread or Handicap betting is another simple type of bet that you can place. It is the most used type of sport betting Malaysia. Europe and other countries referred to this as handicap betting.

In this sport betting type, a sportsbook determines which team will win. He then specifies points which he thinks that team will score more than the opposite team. 

After that, you must choose if the number suggested by the sportsbook is over or understated.


This type of sports betting is a simple way of betting used by beginners. The United States calls this type of betting ‘Total.’ 

In this type, they combine the total number of points earned by both teams.

If you think the sum of the points will be over the number set by the sportsbook. Then bet over. A sportsbook sets a combined total of 50 points. 

But you think both teams’ combined score will be more than 50 points, so you will bet over. And if you win, you will get the odds.

How To Play Online Sportsbook?

With the increasing technological developments, there has been a great rise in online sports betting

With simple online functions, it’s easier to place a bet online than ever before. Most of the bettors now choose sports betting sites online these days.

Let us begin with the basics of betting on sports online. We will guide you right from selecting sites to withdrawing your wagers.

Step 1: Find an online betting site

The first step is to find a safe and secure betting site before registering on any site. Always check if the site complies with the following factors.

  • Safety and security with the deposit amount
  • Variety of online betting games
  • Withdrawal terms and conditions
  • Deposit and withdrawal speed
  • Mobile compatibility or sport betting app, etc.

Many online betting sites accept Malaysian Ringgit for placing a bet.

Step 2: Open account and deposit amount

If you find a reliable website, you can open a new account. Once you complete the registration process, deposit Malaysian Ringgit into your account.

Step 3: Place your bets

After you have deposited money into your account, you can start betting. Choose your favorite sport to place your first bet. 

With your account, you can place bets, play online casino Malaysia games, and much more.

Step 4: Withdraw your earnings

Once you win your odds, the amount gets deposited into your account. Withdrawing the amount is very easy. The sport betting site may verify your identity before the withdrawal. 

Once verified, they will deposit the amount into your bank account.

Why You Should Play Online Sport Betting?

Today, the popularity of sport betting online has increased. Every day, millions of people globally place their bets online. 

Want to know why you should play online sports betting? Then you came to the right place.

a. Safety

Many people get nervous about adding their deposits to the gambling site. They feel it may compromise their banking details. Or the site won’t allow them to withdraw the odds earned. 

However, this is not possible if you choose the website taking the utmost care. So research well before choosing the website.

b. Mobile friendly

Nowadays, you can also find a sport betting app that is easy to operate. From registering your account to placing bets, the process is simple. 

It only takes a couple of minutes to complete the formalities. Also, with the availability of sportsbook Malaysia, it gets convenient.

c. Variety

Many betting sites cover every professionally played game. Sitting in Malaysia, you can watch live matches in Singapore and also place your bets.

d. Promotions and perks

Sportsbook online will offer various perks in the form of free tokens. Once you signed into the website, the online sportsbook will offer welcome deals. 

They will also provide many other ongoing promotions that you can use.

Useful Online Betting Tips and Strategies

The increase in sport betting online is because of the opportunity to earn money. While you watch your favorite sport, you can make money too. 

Are you looking for online sport betting tips? We have listed below the crucial sport betting tips for your convenience.

Tips 1- Choose the right sportsbook

As a beginner, you are already worried about the transactions. Choosing the right sportsbook online makes your deal easy. 

Always select a legal and reputable online sportsbook. You may read the reviews on the website. If you are satisfied, then choose them for the business.

Tips 2- Adjust your bets

One of the wisest things you can do is diversify your bets. Use the same budget but make money through smaller competitions. 

Some games are very predictable where the odds are often in your favour. You can make a little money using these options. 

By doing this, you can decrease the chances of making huge losses. Also, you can bet on various games at the same time with your limited budget.

Tips 3- Maintain a budget

A sports bettor should always have a budget and stick to it. Sports betting is enjoyable, but you should be in total control of it. 

So keep aside some amount to play sport betting Malaysia. If need be, you can add balance or withdraw your odds. But budgeting is important.

Mobile Betting in Malaysia

What is mobile betting?

Mobile betting means betting online on your favorite sports or online casino Malaysia for money using your mobile phone or a tablet.

Why people choose mobile betting?

One of the main reasons people place bets on phones is convenience. Your smartphone does not need a lot of parts to operate. 

You can carry your phone everywhere. That means you can place a bet on the bus ride to your office.

How to place a bet on mobile?

It’s the same as other online betting done on your computer devices. Open a sport betting app. You will have to fill the registration form and create a new account. 

Choose your game and make a deposit. Now, you can place a bet. If you win, they will transfer your odds to your account upon identity verification.

Final thoughts

By now, you should have a fair idea about sport betting Malaysia. We hope our professional guide answered all the questions that you had.


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