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Sport betting is the act of placing a bet on the result and predicting the winner of a sports event. The number of people who place bets on sporting events may vary by country, with most bets being placed on games that are played at the national level. Although professional sport betting is popular around the world, there are also individual sport bettors who participate in local sporting events to wager a small amount.

what is sport betting

Sports events include tennis matches, soccer games, horse racing, and ice hockey. The betting odds for these games are influenced by many factors, including the popularity of the sporting event in question, the playing conditions of the game, the form of the players and team, the presence of key players, the form of the coach and other coaching staff, and many more.

Different Types of Betting

types of sport betting

Different kinds of sport betting that you ought to be familiar with.

Fixed Score type

This kind of wagering is also based on a specific score, which is usually the winning team's score. In most cases, the teams are scheduled to play each other at a predetermined time. This can be based on a particular date or time. For sports bettors, this can be very advantageous especially if they base their wagering on the result of a specific game.

Betting Over the odds

This is also a very popular way of betting. It assumes that the odds of a certain event are already decided and therefore people will likely bet according to the fixed odds. This may work when the match is scheduled to start at a certain time and when the game has an impact on the point spread. Fixed odds can also work well for when people are undecided of the final outcome of a match.

Fixed odds

This type of betting uses fixed score as its odds. It doesn't really matter what the score is as long as bettors feel that there is some chance of a win. What is being used here is the jargon for the betting to take place at a fixed time. For instance, if the game is scheduled to start at noon, then people may go ahead and place a bet to win if the score is in favor of one's team.

Features of Betting on Sport

The advantage of sport betting is that it is legal in almost all countries, and the betting industry has a lot of support. Many governments have taken action against bookmakers who do not offer fair odds to their customers.

Variety of different betting options

You can choose to place either long or short bets. These options help bettors to determine their level of risk tolerance. Some people prefer to place long bets, which usually increase their winnings but sometimes reduce their losses. However, if you have medium to high risk tolerance, you may prefer to choose the short betting option so that you reduce your losses but increase your chances of winning big games.

Enjoy all the benefits of betting in the comfort of your own home

You can do it from early morning till late at night without having to leave your bed. If you are not a morning person, then you can have betting at any time of the day. Sport betting is a good way to reduce stress.

Lot of bookies out there who will be willing to give you the chance to bet on sporting events and games

They also have to be because there is a great demand for their services. So you won't have any problem finding a bookie to wager on for your matches. There are several others who work hard to ensure you have a great time while wagering on various games and sporting events.

How to Play Sport Betting?

how to play sport betting

Sportsbooks work by receiving requests from customers on how to play sport betting. The customer submits the information and then the search is performed based on the details that they submitted. 

After a thorough review, if a match up is found, the sportsbook will place the bet on that particular game. The customer can decide how much they want to bet and the sportsbook will in turn cover their bets.

You can decide on the type of sportsbook you want to use. You can use an online betting broker like eBettle or you can use the services of a brick and mortar sportsbook like PayDotCom. If you want a fair and consistent service, you should check out the services offered by eBettle. Their service is considered by many to be the best and their terms of service are second to none.

Most sportsbooks will require members to create a user account. This user account usually only requires a user name and password. Once this is established, betters can now place bets using their credit card. There is usually a maximum per bet amount on most sportsbooks.


Once you have found an online betting company in Malaysia, ensure that you read through the Terms Of Service (TOS). Check to ensure that you understand what you are agreeing to when you place a bet. This is particularly important if you are new to online betting. 

Penalties can be incurred for illegal bets and these can range from a penalty of a small amount of money to a large fine. Ensure that you are aware of these policies before starting to bet.

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