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Before accessing our website, please read our privacy policy and terms and conditions carefully to avoid any inconvenience in the future. Please make your decisions based on our privacy policy to reserve the right to complain to our data protection authority.

Legal Terms For Online Gambling In Malaysia

According to Malaysian laws, gambling is prohibited; however, the rules were established many years ago, and nowhere is it mentioned that online gambling is illegal. Furthermore, the rules and laws were outlined before the internet was even born, so they do not apply to online gambling.

You will find a number of online gambling sites in Malaysia, and every day many people across Malaysia place bets online. Moreover, Malaysian bettors are accepted all over the world to come and place bets online. They also offer Malaysian members the ability to withdraw their winnings in Malaysian currency.

Access To Your Personal Data

We collect your information in a variety of ways. The first information we collect comes from the services you use and how you are connected to our website. This is not defined data, and users provide this data themselves. In addition, we also have access to your personal data through your Internet connection and devices, such as your IP address, etc.

Depending on how you use the services, also collects general information like:

  • user activity
  • pages viewed
  • how time you spent on particular pages
  • online browsing 
  • clicks 
  • actions also collects your personal information such as your name, number, WhatsApp, etc., and this type of information is separately identifiable.
However, we require your data to be used in the following circumstances:

  • When it is necessary for legitimate interests (or those of a third party), your fundamental rights and interests do not override these interests.
  • Where you gave us the authority to redirect your specific data on a lawful basis, don't worry about your data, as we continually seek your permission before sending you direct marketing communications from third parties by email. 
  • Depending on the level of information you have provided and the nature of your request, may also access some of your personal data if you request to use the "Live Chat" feature. 

Moreover, we also gather information from the membership pages. This information may include your name, email address, and your preferences or interests.


We don't want you to have a bad experience. That's why we also collect some of your specific information about your activities and visit via cookies and other advanced web analytics technologies.

Your computer stores information about your access to the website in the form of data known as cookies. Our trusted partners and we will need these cookies for several different purposes.

  • Allow you to navigate different pages efficiently.
  • Enable the automatic activation of specific features.
  • Remembering your choices and passwords. 
  • To make the interaction between you and the services faster and smoother.

You have the option of deleting cookies from your browser, but if you have disabled cookies, you will not be able to access some of the main features of our website. uses advanced technologies to ensure that routine operations run smoothly. Third parties collect your statistical information through these monitoring technologies on our behalf. This is done to provide technical diagnostics and analytical tools.

Your Data Security With Us

The security of our members is our priority. We always take measures that will help us protect your personal information, such as your name, email address, contact information, etc. You can ask us for any information in case you have lost your password or email address. We will make sure that you are a genuine person by cross-checking. Once we have confirmed your identity, we will authorize you to access your information.

We have the right to revise all of these terms and privacy policies at any time. Therefore, please visit our privacy policy page regularly to stay informed of the latest changes.

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