Best Online Poker Games Malaysia 2021

The origins of gambling in Malaysia began in the 19th century. The foreign influence popularized playing poker in Malaysia.

Texas Hold’em, Omaha, 7-Card stud and many other games are also famous online poker variations. They are one of the largest contributors to the growth of online betting.

Earlier, you could find the poker game only in a land-based casino. But with increasing popularity, you can now find poker on online casino Malaysia

Now, you can play an online poker game without leaving the comfort of your home. But is online poker legal in Malaysia? Let's find out.

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Is Online Poker Legal in Malaysia?

Malaysia is a Muslim country that exercises common law and Sharia law. Three major acts in command law command the gambling activities in Malaysia. 

They are the Betting Act 1953, Common Gaming Houses Act 1953. Meanwhile the Sharia law is applicable to Muslims only.

It is not illegal to gamble in Malaysia. However, there are restrictions when it comes to online poker

This is because online poker with friends is a part of online casinos, and the dated laws lacked provisions on online gambling. 

The common interpretation that online gambling (by extension, online poker) is illegal too, but the enforcement is not strict.

As a result, most online casinos remain accessible by the Malaysians. 

Therefore, many residents play online poker Malaysia every day. Almost all betting sites accept Malaysian Ringgits.

This allows Malaysian residents to make a deposit or withdraw odds in ringgits. But this does not mean you can gamble with no risk.

With the increasing popularity, they have banned some online betting websites. 

The player should always choose a reputed international online website, as it is legal to gamble on sites established outside Malaysia. You can place small bets to be on a safer side.

If you place a bet on the Malaysian website, civil contract law declares the agreement void. 

This means if you win a bet, but the other person refuses to pay, you cannot sue the person under any law.

Famous Online Poker Variation

There are many variations of poker. The most famous types are Texas Hold’Em, Omaha, 7-Card stud. Below are a few of the most played variations of online poker casino.

Texas Hold’Em

What comes to your mind when someone asks if you play poker? Yes, online poker Texas Hold’em. It is a game that has gained high popularity over the years. 

Enter any poker room, and you will find the highest number of players playing this game. That too with high stakes! But don’t let that get to you. 

Remembering the rules of the game is easy, but mastering them is very difficult.


It is also called Omaha Hold’em. It is one of the highest played variations of poker. 

Omaha comes in different types, Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo. The only difference between Omaha and Texas Hold’em is:

  • They deal four hole cards instead of 2.
  • You have to combine two cards from your hands and three cards from the board.

7 Card Stud

7-Card Stud is a traditional poker game. It's easy to play but challenging to be an expert. In this game, they individually deal gamers with seven cards throughout the course. 

But only a five-card poker hand determined the winner of the game.

Texas Hold’em and Omaha are usually playing with a high bet. But they play 7-Card Stud with a Limit betting structure.

Poker Tournament

In a poker tournament, gamers compete with each other by playing poker. There can be two players playing at a single table. You can also find many players at thousands of tables. 

To determine a winner, a player should win every poker chip in the game. Whereas according to the time of eliminations, they will reward the other players.

How To Play Poker Online Game?

Online Poker card games are very easy to understand. It only takes two minutes to learn the rules. 

Let’s get started if you are here to learn how to play an online poker game. Texas Hold’em poker is one the most played online poker game.

The aim is to form a five-card hand. But the hand should be of greater value than your friends. You can create this hand with a mixture of community cards and hole cards. 

If you have a better hand than your opponents, you do not need a royal flush. Let’s see the step-by-step process:

  • A dealer will give every player two cards facedown. They are the hole cards. You are open to options- check, bet, raise or fold.

  • Once you place bets, the dealer will place three community cards in the middle of the table with a faceup. This move is termed as the flop.

  • Again the next betting round takes place. Later they place the fourth community card with a faceup. This move is called the turn.

  • Then comes one more betting round. After you place bets, the last community card is dealt faceup. That round is known as the river.

  • Then comes the last round of betting. In case only one player has not folded his hand by now, he wins the pot. Or remaining players will showdown their cards by revealing cards. Only the player with the more excellent card will win the jackpot. That’s it. It’s that simple.

Why You Should Play Online Poker Game?

Now you know how to play the game. But why should you play an online poker game?

a. Availability of poker rooms

Playing online poker has gained tremendous popularity. With no geographical barriers, you can sit in any corner of the world and play the game. 

You can access any poker room at any point of time. You can also open two different rooms at a time. There is no long queue or waiting time to delay you from playing.

b. Always available

Feeling low, play online poker free. Waiting at the bus station, play online poker Texas Holdem. Yes, you can play poker at any point of the day. It works twenty-four hours a day. 

You can avail yourself of that freedom with your online poker play. No matter what day or date it is, you will find online poker players waiting for you.

c. Variety is the spice

Not everyone plays Texas Hold’em. Some find Omaha interesting. Some like playing 7-Card stud. And guess what? You get all these games under one roof. 

That means you can sharpen your skills by playing different versions of poker online under same roof.

d. Earn money

Who wouldn’t like to make money while doing their favorite past-time? Everyone’s dream is to earn more money. 

If you are good at the game, you can start playing online poker with real money. If you create a new account, you may also get a bonus that doubles your chances of winning.

Useful Online Poker Tips and Strategies

By now, we have gone through why and how to play poker online games. Now, let us check a few useful online poker tips and strategies.

Tips 1: Every hand is not a winning hand

You should avoid playing with too many hands. You can fall into a trap. You can win some but lose too. 

And as a beginner, take your tie to understand the game thoroughly. Once you get familiar with the game, you will learn about a player’s psychology.

Tips 2: Play only a single table

Since you are getting started with poker, play only a single table. You may feel like trying multi-tabling, but now is not the time. Master your basics first.

Tips 3: Never play high stakes

As you are new to the game, do not play in high stakes. Experience players play high stake games.

Tips 4: Master your bluffing skills

Bluffing is a great strategy but limit doing it in the beginning. You must have seen poker game videos on television, but not everything is accurate. You have to master your bluffing skills first.

Tips 5: Play with a newbie

You are all pumped up to start your game, but hold on. Do not play with an experienced player in the beginning. 

You may lose the game and feel sad. While playing with a new player, you still have a chance to win.

Real Money Online Poker vs Free Online Poker Games

Real Money Online Poker

  • When you play online poker real money Malaysia, you can win the pot. Of course, you need to be an experienced player.

  • You get bonus points when you register online. When you use those points, it doubles your chances to win real money. You can make use of that while you play.

  • By bluffing right, you can weaken the opponent. This way, you get to win a cash award.

  • If you make any mistakes, you will lose money. So, stay focused.

Free Online Poker Games

  • You can play online poker game free with zero risks.

  • You get to sharpen your skills by playing online power free.

  • You get to play a variety of games without losing any money. So, try out all different variations of poker and improve your skills.

  • You can enjoy a more relaxed approach to poker. You can make a few friends along the way.

  • If you are new to poker, it is impossible to win cash prizes or tournaments. So why not play online poker free?

  • At times, players do not maintain a serious attitude towards the game. Thus, they do not play the game with full potential. This may weaken your game, too. If you wish to play online poker with real money, then you cannot keep this attitude.
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