Best Online Lottery Malaysia 2021

Want to play the best lottery games in Malaysia? Thanks to the internet! Now, anyone from anywhere around the world can buy lottery tickets online

You can win the biggest jackpot from the comfort of your home! That’s great, isn’t it?

Earlier, only country residents could buy lottery tickets online. But there are no restrictions now. 

A Malaysian resident can buy lottery tickets for the US or European lottery. 

If you want to play USA lottery games, the internet is the only available source for Malaysia’s people. 

Since the onset of pandemic, many Malaysian residents played online gambling since physical businesses are closed.

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Famous Online Lottery Malaysia

As there’s a huge jackpot, most of them play 4D Lottery, QQ Keno, Thai Lottery. These are the most popular lotteries in Malaysia.

4D Lottery

4D, also known as 4-Digits, is the most played online lottery Malaysia. The 4D lottery is one of the most loved recreational activities on earth. 

The 4D Lottery is a grand chance to win prizes. Each bet will cost at least one Malaysian ringgit.

You have to choose any number between 0000 to 9999. Then they conduct a draw. In that draw, they select 23 winning numbers every day. 

If your chosen number matches the numbers displayed, you win the lottery.

QQ Keno

If you love playing online lottery games, you may have heard about QQ Keno. It is one of the most played games in online casino Malaysia

The word Keno means winning five numbers. It is easy to play a game that offers decent prizes. You can play QQ Keno and expect the draw within thirty seconds. 

And guess what, you can withdraw your prizes as soon as it gets credited on the website. Amazing, right?

Thai Lottery

It is Thailand’s official legal lottery, and it is a famous online lottery in Malaysia. They draw online lottery result on the first and the sixteenth of every month. 

But there are low odds of winning the bet. Also, the payout ratio is very less if compared to other forms of online lottery.

Various Betting Types

As we know, lottery betting is assuming the result and placing a bet on the outcome. 

Many people can bet by buying physical tickets or online tickets. Now, let us check some betting types.

Big Bet

The smallest betting amount on a 4D Lottery ticket is RM1. In the 4D lottery Malaysia, you can win any five prizes if you choose a big bet. 

Five prize sets include first, second, third, special, and consolation prizes.

Small Bet

There are few winning chances in this type. Since there are only three prizes, the winning amount is big. There are three prizes, 1st prize, 2nd Prize and 3rd Prize. 

You can get bigger rewards in this type, but the chances of being in the top three are less.

Straight Bet

In this type of bet, you have to choose three numbers from 0 to 9. You can select any three-digit number. 

The combination can be of three same numbers, three different numbers, or two same numbers with one different number. 

You have to match these numbers in the exact same order as the outcome.

Let’s check a few examples of number combinations:

  • three same numbers- 111
  • two same numbers with one different number- 122
  • three different numbers- 222

You can only win if the numbers appear in the exact same combination. 

For example, if you choose 122 and the lottery numbers are 221, then you do not win. But if you choose 111 and the outcome is also 111, then you win the lottery.

That is why they say the straight bets are tough to win. The probability of winning a straight bet is one in a million. But you can win modest amounts.

How To Play and Win Online 4D Lottery?

Playing 4D lottery Malaysia online is very easy. So don’t worry if you haven’t bought an online lottery ticket

Let us go step by step to understand the online lottery how to play.

  • Step 1. Open the website and select the 4D game.

  • Step 2. Then they will ask you to select your Bet Type. Make your choice.

  • Step 3. They allow you to enter boards of the same bet type on one page.

  • Step 4. You will have to select the draw days before placing bets.

  • Step 5. Enter the number of your choice.

  • Step 6. Enter a Big or Small stake. Big stake–Since there are 23 winning numbers to match, there’s a probability that you can win a prize.

  • Step 7. Small–You can get bigger prizes in this type, but the chances of being in the top three are less.

  • Step 8. You can also find a random number generator on the website.

  • Step 9. Then press the option that says Add to bet slip. This will line up all your bets in your bet slip.

  • Step 10. But this means you have generated a record. You have not placed the bets yet.

  • Step 11. After double-checking your bet slip. Press place bet.

  • Step 12. You can press accept and confirm your bet or press decline to reject your bet.

  • Step 13. Once you accept, your bet goes live. You can check the transaction records to confirm or track your bets.

Why You Should Play Online Lottery Malaysia

Now that you know how to play and win an online 4D lottery, let us check why you should play an online lottery Malaysia. 

Here are some advantages to playing online lotteries:

a. Convenience

Buying online tickets is easier and quicker than purchasing a paper ticket from a shop. Besides, you don’t have to wait in line for online lottery buy tickets

The online lottery allows you to buy tickets from the comfort of your sofa. You can also buy tickets online and place the bets during your lunch break at work.

b. Secure

Once you choose the right website, do not worry about your money. It’s safe. Also, the website stores your tickets online. That means you don’t lose tickets. 

At the same time, you can easily lose a paper lottery ticket. You can find your online tickets under the transaction history.

c. Instant Notification

You will get an email or message stating 4D lottery result today. That means even if you forget the draw date, it will notify you about the 4D lottery result Malaysia

It sends you a link that directs you to the 4D lotto live result. And you won’t miss your win.

d. No geographical barrier

You can play any lottery across the world by logging into your account. You can play Thai Lottery and others from your phone, desktop, laptop, or tablet sitting in Malaysia.

Useful Online Lottery Tips and Strategies

It has become convenient to play the online 4D lottery. You can even win huge jackpots from across the globe. 

By now, you are familiar with the 4D lottery. But you must know how to win 4D lotto. We have listed a few tips and strategies for you.

Tips 1- How to choose a number?

When was the last time you heard 1234 as winning numbers? It’s very rare. 

So do not choose the following numbers or consecutive numbers. Make a combination of high and low digit numbers.

Tips 2- Importance of generating random numbers.

Many of the players make the mistake of choosing a birth date as a number. Do you know why? Your birthdate can range from 1 to 31, but if they ask you to select from 1 to 99. 

Since you are not considering 32 to 99 numbers, which is quite a lot! You have reduced your chances of winning to 1/3. 

So, generate the random numbers using online generators.

Tips 3- How many tickets should you buy?

It is pretty obvious to buy a lot of tickets. But many people don’t do this. If your odds of winning are one percent, buying five tickets will increase the probability

Also, you can buy your online lottery ticket at reasonable rates.

Tips 4- Play at odd hours

The last thing you can do is play at odd hours. Why? Since there are fewer players at that time, your chances of winning increase. 

That is the biggest advantage of the online lottery. Because of the time difference between the two countries, you can play accordingly.

Online Lottery Payment Methods in Malaysia

Many lottery sites provide secure transaction services. They also take a guarantee of their payment methods so that they commit no fraud. 

Several websites accept Malaysian Ringgits. Some online lottery sites do not accept RM but only accept USD or EUR.

In such a case, you can deposit on an online lottery website by using your account. In addition, the website will do the currency conversions for you. 

Some websites may charge you a nominal fee for currency conversion, and others may do it for free.

The payment methods which they support include VISA and MasterCard. But players also have an option to use Skrill, Neteller, PaySafeCard, or PayPal.

Final thoughts

Patience is the major factor in winning. So, keep playing while waiting for your dragon lotto 4D result. 

One day, you will win the jackpot. You can play huge prize lottery games such as 4D lottery, QQ Keno, or Thai Lottery in online casino Malaysia

We hope this guide helped you learn how to buy online lottery and online lottery how to play with tips and tricks.

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