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Oo2d.com is one of the best online casinos in Malaysia. We strive to provide endless entertainment with countless games. To make our games more accessible, we have launched a mobile app. You can now access our amazing games from the comfort of your cozy rooms.

We provide the most reliable and unique platform for all players in Malaysia. From the wide variety of games to the easy access to withdrawals, you will definitely enjoy our services.


We look forward to becoming one of the best casinos in the world. Our vision is to provide more and more exciting games to entertain our new users. We have provided clear information regarding our legal rights and registration so that our potential players can win as much as possible while clarifying their doubts and making their decisions according to their preferences.

Oo2d.com gathers every detail of all online casinos available in Malaysia. Then we streamline all the information on the website so that players get the chance to compare the best for themselves.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide the best and most accurate information available from authentic sources. Oo2d.com always makes sure to review as many casinos as possible in order to provide every casino player with the best information for their entertainment. To make our users fully aware of the rules and laws of Malaysian online casinos, we also gather legal information.

Our Criteria Of Reviewing Online Casinos

We track one parameter that forms the basis of our website evaluation criteria.


We believe that history reveals the reputation of the casino. Thus, the older the casino is, the more trustworthy it will be. In addition, a higher number of players also defines a good image of the casino.


When playing online, the quality of the software matters a lot. If the design is attractive and the user interface is easy to use, there is a greater chance of a higher number of users. This shows that the casino wants its players to enjoy themselves and have more fun.


It is impossible to talk about games without talking about casinos. The games are the first criteria to determine the credibility of a casino. High quality and a wide variety of games mean that the casino offers an excellent experience to its users.

Social media

Social media is the easiest way to gain popularity. So, if a casino has a good reputation on its social media accounts, it means that the casino is popular or trustworthy.

Bonuses and promotions

A user is always looking for maximum bonuses and promotions. So, when a casino offers unlimited bonuses and promotions, it means that they are trying to get more players. It shows their honesty.

Security and fair play

The privacy of players' personal and financial data is a critical and unavoidable issue. The use of encrypted channels to process information is highly recommended and practiced by reputable online casinos in Malaysia.

Banking Process

Casino games, whether virtual or physical, involve the deposit and withdrawal of money. A reputable casino integrates most banks to make it easier for its users.

Customer Support

Customer support is the most important factor in assessing an online casino in Malaysia. The best customer support ensures a more advisable pre- and post-customer experience.

The Best Casino Review Site In Malaysia

oo2d.com is one of the best and unique online casino review sites in Malaysia. We always strive to provide accurate information from reliable sources. We work hard to review different online casino sites in Malaysia so that you can choose from the best.


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